STERLING, Virginia, 07-MAY-2008 - Spin Systems today announced the acquisition of WebCIMS software from STG, Inc.  WebCIMS correspondence management software is currently used by 13 US federal agencies including the Veterans Administration, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Education.  Within these organizations, WebCIMS has resulted in measurable improvements to efficiency and collaboration in document management.

"WebCIMS is innovative and proven software that closely aligns with Spin Systems mission of ‘using information to make better decisions,' says Wael Al-Ali, Spin Systems President. "With this acquisition, Spin Systems is positioned to be a leading provider of correspondence management software to the US Government and large commercial organizations." Spin Systems intends to continue developing the WebCIMS technology and integrate it with Spin Business Framework (SBF), its leading matter-centric solution. 

Paul Hudecek, Senior Vice President of STG, noted, "We greatly value our partnership with Spin Systems.  When the opportunity came about to transition WebCIMS, we thought that Spin Systems' software development and delivery expertise, coupled with their current product line, would be a good match for WebCIMS and for our clients." 

"The acquisition of WebCIMS is intended to enable Spin Systems to help our customers resolve one of their critical requirements: transporting and monitoring critical correspondence," said Mr. Al-Ali. "We also expect that WebCIMS will enhance the value of our SBF matter-centric software."

WebCIMS is used by U.S. and Canadian federal agencies to track and manage incoming correspondence and documents. One large U.S. federal agency has deployed WebCIMS to more than 1,600 users who electronically capture, assign, route, and process incoming correspondence. In another federal department, WebCIMS is used by the executive secretariat and numerous program offices to manage correspondence throughout the organization. WebCIMS has also been used to manage the critical processes and documentation associated with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) program. WebCIMS provides immediate access to vital legal documents and preserves the relationship between these documents and individuals, dates, and events.

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