Offering Full Support of the Military Health System

SpinSys is an approved subcontractor for Smartronix, Inc. for the HT0011-12-D-0003 Prime Contract issued by the Pacific Joint Information Technology Center (JITC).

The Pacific JITC is the Military Health System’s research center for joint concept technology development, prototyping, and piloting of IM/IT products and services to support DoD medical readiness requirements and IT modernization needs across the medical continuum of care.

Based in Maui, HI, the mission of Pacific JITC is to rapidly research, test and develop warfighter medical solutions and products through pilots or prototypes that provide mission critical value and actionable information to the Department of Defense, including the Services, Combatant Commanders, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pacific JITC provides services for early-stage (pre-Milestone B) IM/IT development.

This early piloting allows the MHS to be agile and flexible in determining what IT solution is best, most cost effective and acceptable to the functional community before a major acquisition is launched.